Collateral Victims: Defend and promote the interests of the rights of collateral victims by sensitizing the population to issues that concern them: such as surviving the loss of a loved one through murder or disappearance which remains unresolved to this day.

Visibility: Defend and promote the interests and rights of victims of murder or disappearance by raising public awareness through electronic and paper displays and through mobile displays.

Volunteers: Unite Quebec volunteers into legal entities, promote volunteering, promote the recruitment, training and orientation of volunteers so that they can work in the field in search of missing persons.

Family: Defend and promote the interests of the family in the province of Quebec and exceptionally outside the province or outside the country.

Citizens: Defend and promote the interests of the citizens of the province of Quebec regarding murders and unsolved disappearances on Quebec territory. Represent citizens to the authorities. Make citizens aware of their rights, obligations and responsibilities.

Fundraising: Receiving donations, legacies and other contributions of the same nature in money, securities or real estate, administering such donations, legacies and contributions; organize fundraising campaigns in order to raise funds for charitable purposes.

Private investigation service (voluntary): Checks are regularly carried out on certain cases of murders or disappearances in order to validate and improve the information received and submit them in writing to the respective authorities.